Welcome Everyone!

There have been many times throughout the course of history that humans have been given the opportunity to ascend into a level of health, abundance and knowledge that supersedes anything previously known. Many of those opportunities have been wasted.

That time is here again; for those willing to learn.

Mind Over Matter: Becoming Your Own Healer

Are you ready to liberate yourself from a broken health system, elevate your healing skills beyond your wildest dreams, and consciously evolve into the next highest version of you?

What you get in this course!

Mind Over Matter is going to liberate you from a system that is more invested in seeing you ill then well, elevate your healing abilities and give you more if not total control over your body, and move you into conscious evolution.

In 10 weeks you will get

8 live and pre-recorded lectures on everything from energy management and anatomy and physiology knowledge to physical natural remedies as well as my proven healing method.

4 live practical skills classes where you will practice the skills I teach you.

2 one on one calls with me to discuss your personal healing goals.

1 amazing swag bag filled with a natural remedies book by Norman C. Shealy, a full set of rough hewn chakra crystals, a grimoire or manifestation journal, a pendulum hand picked by myself for you, a smoke feather, and much more valued at over $150.

And of course a lifetime of knowledge that will lead you to even more that will allow you to be the healthiest you have ever been.

If you are wondering if this course is for you, DM me on Instagram at @breathoflife_healer or send me a message down below.

And if you are ready to jump in now, head just below and find the payment plan that works best for you!

I'm so excited to get to work with you and I am so appreciative of your trust. I invite you to reach out if you have any questions and of course, I will see you in the course!

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